Thanks to the experience it has gained in these fields, Wordsafe offers its expertise in the following:

MARKETING (new technologies, luxury hotel sector, tourism, art of living, fashion, gastronomy…)

MEDICAL / PHARMACEUTICS / VETERINARY / LABORATORY (clinical trials, medical appliance guides, popularization, medical surveys, medication files, norms…)

TECHNICAL (safety policies: electricity, fire, chemical products, and non-odorized gas, food & feed safety, safety signs, laboratory (microbiological and biochemical hazards), automotive, industrial machines/processes, oilseed business...)

MEDIAS (scripts, synopsis, subtitling, cinema…)

SECURITY / DEFENCE (investigation reports, adjournment debates, defence / military safety reports, Presidential Summits, GIS software...) For other fiels of expertise, please contact us. We shall be able to find you another professionnal to trust among our vast network of colleagues.

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